We always go for the best quality.

Quality cheese packaging


When it comes to food, quality is naturally of the utmost importance. We therefore do everything we can to provide our clients with consistent quality of the products we supply and distribute. For example, we only work with suppliers who offer the same standard of quality.




We possess the required quality and food safety certifications. We are even British Retail Consortium (BRC) and International Food Standard (IFS) certified, amongst others. Want to know more about our certifications? View them below.

We supply our packaging worldwide and are affiliated with an export module. This means we may package cheese for countries that stipulate specific criteria for food packaging, such as China, Japan and the United States.

Internal quality assurance

Naturally, we also monitor the quality of our products and their packaging closely ourselves. All our employees undergo in-house training in food safety guidelines. And we carry out structural checks during the packaging process to guarantee quality at all times.