We can package cheese in virtually any format desired.

The right cheese packaging


We cut and package cheese in virtually all packaging formats and sizes desired. We focus on various target groups: the retail, catering, wholesale and industry sectors. We have different production lines. We are therefore able to process whole cheese into slices or pieces.



Placing the client’s interests first

We package cheese in many different types of packaging for many well-known cheese brands in the Netherlands. We place the needs and requirements of our clients ahead of our own.


Packaging as per your requirements

Whatever size your cheese packaging needs to be and whatever the packaging is intended for: your needs and requirements are our priority. Even if your request is new to us, we always go for the best solutions. Thanks to years of experience in the field of cheese packaging, ultimately we will always succeed in meeting the needs of our clients.


Packaging options

We offer numerous packaging options. We use modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) techniques or vacuum packaging for slabs of cheese. We can present slices of cheese in fresh pack, trays or thermoformed packaging. Naturally, we are open to developing new packaging variants with you.