Hazeleger Kaas was established in 1922.

The history of Hazeleger Kaas


Hazeleger Kaas was established in 1922 as an independent family-run business. We started with the door-to-door sales of cheese. Around 1930, we also started with maturation and sales of whole cheeses. We had our own cheese warehouse for maturation. But with increasing demand for packaged slices of cheese from our door-to-door sales customers, we decided to make some changes.



Where we are now

That is how we developed into a modern company dedicated to the cutting and packaging of cheese. We package cheese in a wide variety of packaging for many well-known cheese brands, which are then send all over the world. We opened a new packaging facility in 2018 and are prepared for the future.


The strength of an informal family-run business

Our company has retained the character of an informal family-run business. We have short lines of communication and an open-door policy. Partnership is one of our priorities, and we are always capable of making quick decisions. In that way, our clients optimally benefit from our extensive services.