This is what we do

We specialise in cutting and packaging cheese, processing all kinds of cheese every day into fantastic end products for our customers.


The production starts with cutting the cheese. We can do this in slices, pieces, ‘Swedish cut’ wedges or industrial blocks. All about cutting.


After cutting we use either vacuum packaging or modified atmosphere packaging to pack the cheese, taking into account how the cheese will be used and how the packaging will be displayed. All about packaging.


The packages are placed in a crate, transport box or display box. We select the correct outer packaging depending on the destination and how the cheese will be used. All about packing.


Finally, we ensure that the product arrives at the correct destination. All about distribution.

The specialist in
processing cheese

At Hazeleger Kaas, you’re at the right address for both large and small production sizes as well as specialist batches. We have the people, knowledge and technology in-house to ensure that each product looks at its best. We would be delighted to advise you on the various shapes you can choose from and efficient cutting and packaging methods.

<h2>     <span>The specialist in </span><br> processing cheese </h2>

We’re proud of this

Our certificates:

we have all the necessary quality and food safety certificates.

Family company with short lines of communication:

we’re always ready to help each other and our customers. We keep things simple and efficient and we don’t break any agreements we make.

Our machinery:

is advanced and equipped with the latest innovative technology. Our machinery is also subject to ongoing maintenance so we can continue producing day and night.

100th anniversary:

Hazeleger Kaas celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2022 and hope to be able to mark this by packaging 25 million kilograms of cheese. We would like to thank all our partners and customers and hope to be able to establish many more partnerships with you in the future.

We cut and
package cheese

Follow the cheese to the customer. Learn more about our cheese journey: from preparation to distribution.

Do you need advice? Feel free to contact us.