Sustainability and CSR are a high priority for Hazeleger Kaas.



As a family-run business, standards and values have been the foundation of our operational management from the outset. Typically, many of the aspects that are so natural to us now fall under the terms sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As a family-run business, we think long-term and make decisions that are not only good for our business, but good for the environment too. To us, CSR means finding the right balance between people, planet and profit.



Development of employees

Our people are exceptionally important to us. We are therefore happy to invest in the development of our employees. We enable our employees to grow by means of internal and external training courses. That means we are growing as a company too. In addition, we take everyone’s abilities into account and always ensure the tasks they carry out to align with their skills.

The future generation

The environment is vital in terms of the legacy of a healthy planet and business for future generations. As such, we work to preserve and protect the environment in different ways. For example, we advise our suppliers and buyers to use as many environmentally friendly materials as possible. Thanks to our BIO/SKAL and Grazing Foundation certification, we are permitted to package organic products. In addition, we separate all our waste before it goes to certified waste processors.


BREEAM certification

Our second packaging facility on the Koningsbergenweg is BREEAM Certified. Right away we incorporated the criteria for BREAAM certification into the design and construction. Amongst others, we used a very effective insulation technique, the building benefits from natural daylight, and LED technology was used for all lighting. In addition, we have installed specific bird boxes and insect habitats outside. In terms of landscaping, we focused on naturally occurring animals and plants.

BREEAM Certificate