We serve the retail, catering, industry and wholesale sectors.

Packaging of cheese for various target groups


Whether you have a catering business or you work in the retail sector: when it comes to the packaging of cheese, you have come to the right place with Hazeleger Kaas. Our company consists of two main parts. Clients supply their cheese products and we provide the packaging (co-packing). In addition, we also sell packaged cheese for which we procure the raw material.




Our clients that supply the retail sector usually supply their own cheese and we take care of the packaging. For example, small portions of sliced cheese geared towards consumer convenience.  

Catering and wholesale

We supply the catering and wholesale sectors with packaged cheese. We have a standard range in stock, so we can supply small quantities too. We mature the cheese ourselves or purchase it from high-quality cheese producers. We supply different types and sizes of packaging for different kinds of cheese in numerous dimensions.

Doelgroep horeca en groothandel


We offer many specialist slicing formats for the industrial target group and we cater for specialist needs.

In principle, anything is possible. From round and square slabs to packaging with pre-printed film. The outer packaging could be a box or crate of choice. Would you like to find the most practical and affordable solution for your situation? Then contact us for a no-obligation discussion about the options.